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Why Senior Citizens Refuse Care and Assistance


Despite the need for healthcare and assistance, many seniors still refuse care from others. Why are they hesitant to seek in-home care or go to nursing facilities? Here are some reasons:

  • They want to remain in their own home.

    The elders would love to stay in a familiar place to remain convenient as they age. They love the companionship of familiar faces in the community. And they feel safer to live in an area with people they know.

  • They prefer to live independently.

    Many seniors would do anything to remain independent. They want to maintain their dignity. And sometimes, they refuse home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for fear of losing independence.

  • They don’t want changes.

    Many seniors prefer doing tasks they are familiar with. Changes in routine can be confusing and hard to process.

Seniors have the option to age in place. However, families should step up and make necessary interventions to give them a chance to receive care in the comfort of their homes. And they should not worry about privacy and independence, our professionals at Guardian Home Care know how to respect boundaries and preferences.

With the help of a reliable home care agency in Pennsylvania, keeping seniors safe and happy is possible. Call us at 215-444-7544 for more information.

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