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Living life at your own pace is still possible with our caring staff.
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Around seven to 10 million people across the globe suffer from Parkinson’s disease. It is a chronic, progressive motor system disorder that causes shaking, slowness of movement, stiffness, and difficulty with basic physical motions like walking. As it progresses, it can cause behavioral problems, cognitive challenges, and even dementia.

Do you struggle with sleeping, getting around the house, tracking your medications, and spending time with others? There is no doubt that Parkinson’s disease can limit your capacity to enjoy the things you love. You will have to deal with muscle control problems, difficulties with moving, and negative feelings due to the limitations caused by your condition.

But there is still hope and help. With one of Guardian Home Care’s caregivers, you receive hands-on assistance from a professional yet friendly companion at home.

We work hand-in-hand with your healthcare provider to design a daily routine plan that can make daily living easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

If your loved ones find it hard to look after you, we can help. You can count on our compassionate caregivers to assist you in:

  • Doing daily tasks that you find difficult, like dressing, preparing meals, and cleaning your home
  • Sharing your ideas and concerns to open, helpful ears, especially when communication becomes hard
  • Keeping track of your prescribed medication to relieve pain and manage the symptoms of your condition
  • Channeling your energies into activities that are productive and meaningful for you, instead of worrying constantly
  • Finding the time and space to enjoy life at your own pace

Our care agency cares about letting your voice be heard. So let our caregiver advocate for the choices you believe are best for you and your family.

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