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Our Mission Statement

We are founded on the principle that health care gets better when clients receive compassionate care in the comfort of their own home, the place they feel the most comfortable. You can guarantee that we make it our priority and commitment to providing the highest possible standard of care. At Guardian Home Care, watching your loved one experience the challenges of a disability or age-related condition is difficult and stressful; hence, in-home care should be easily accessible. Each elderly individual or individual with special needs deserves quality compassionate care from a qualified expert with integrity. At the same time, their family members deserve the peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in capable hands.

Guardian Home Care is here to help the ill, the disabled and the aging adults stay independent in their homes for as long as possible with the peace of mind and assures that quality care will be provided by our team of compassionate, well-trained and reliable in-home caregivers.

Rest assured, our guardians will be like our client’s extended family, ready to support and assist them at times when their family members cannot be there. We make it our goal to render the same exceptional care we would expect for ourselves and our family.

Who We Are

nurse and senior patient at home

Guardian Home Care is a licensed, bonded, and insured provider of home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that serves families in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. We offer a wide variety of quality non-medical care services that fit your loved one’s specific needs. When you choose us to be their primary home care provider, we take the time to learn about them, their needs, interests, and concerns so that we can match them with the right professional who can fully accommodate their needs. For many of our clients, their Guardians become like family, and that, for us, makes all the difference.

Our caregivers at Guardian Home Care is here to help seniors and patients with disabilities or illnesses live independently and happily in the security of their own homes, close to their loved ones.


Guardian Home Care is a locally owned business committed to providing professional, non-medical home care. Guardian Home Care is the right choice for you or your loved one because we believe in treating our clients like our own family, friends and neighbors.

We offer these customized and affordable home care services because it allows us to provide independence, companionship and freedom to age in place with dignity and grace—something everyone deserves.

Our experienced, compassionate and dependable caregivers provide our clients with loving care and assistance to help make their lives easier and to retain their independence, while providing their families with the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe. All of our caregivers are carefully screened, bonded and insured so you can trust that you are getting the best possible assistance.

We are also dedicated to being a valuable resource for friends and families of our clients. Family members will be involved with tailoring a unique communication plan that will keep them updated on a consistent basis.


  • Are they in need of constant care after a hospital visit?
  • Do they need care after a fall or accident?
  • Are they suffering from chronic pain or illness?
  • Do they struggle to complete their daily tasks?
  • Do they have mobility problems?
  • Are they having problems managing their medications?
  • Do they find it difficult to attend to their regular doctor appointments?
  • Are they suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia?
  • Do they need a companion or occasional assistance?

Know that you are not alone. Our team at Guardian Home Care is here to help. We have highly qualified and well-trained caregivers who can asses your family member’s condition and needs to customize a care plan that will optimize or maintain their overall well-being. By entrusting us with their care, they will receive only quality non-medical services at the comfort of their own home.


  • Compassion

    We believe that compassion and sensitivity are qualities that are essential in the field of home care. Our caregivers are equipped with these values to ensure the satisfaction of our patients.

  • Expertise

    Our dedication, as well as our experience in the area of home care, has made us exceptional when it comes to delivering expert services to our patients and their families.

  • Trust

    You can guarantee that we only employ caregivers who are qualified, trustworthy, and responsible. These qualities, along with positive testimonies by our previous clients, make us a company you can trust.

  • Dedication

    Our staff members work non-stop with diligence and tact to provide the highest level of professional care to each of our patients.

What You Can Expect from Guardian Home Care

  • Be Understood

    Communication is the foundation of effective care. That’s why we have care coordinators and aides who can speak YOUR language.

  • Get Superior Care

    Have peace of mind knowing your loved one’s aide is a certified professional who has completed extensive training. You can guarantee that our licensed aides master continually updated curricula and new in-service training that reflect today’s industry standards.

  • Acquire Help You Can Afford

    We know that getting long-term care can be costly. However, you can trust our Medicaid specialist to help you get the coverage you need, so your loved ones can get quality care without burdening your or their finances.

  • Get the Right Match

    Rest assured, we will hand-pick a caregiver who is capable of handling your loved one’s condition, fit for your family and lifestyle, and perfectly suited to meet their needs.

  • Say “NO” to Headaches

    Thanks to our high-volume operation, we are able to arrange the services your senior or loved ones with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses need, no matter how complex, in a timely and efficient way. This means no red tapes and no headaches for you.

  • Never Go a Day Without Care

    Your loved one’s caregiver may call in sick; however, it does not mean that the care stops there. At Guardian Home Care, they will never go a day without care, even if their caregiver has to cancel for a day due to an illness or emergency.

nurse holds the hands of a senior as a patient in the hospital

Our Specialties Guardian Offers

  • Medicaid, Medicare Insurance and Private Pay accepted.
  • Short and Long Term Options
  • Client to Caregiver Matching Services
  • Many Languages
  • Available 24 hours a Day
  • Highest Rated Caregivers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia our specialties

They will get continuous care from a licensed, reliable, and compassionate caregiver, so you and the other members of your family can sleep at night, knowing your loved ones get the support they need.


  • Contact Us

    You can reach us via phone call or send us an email to start a process. After that, you can expect a reply from our friendly staff by the end of the same business day.

  • Assessment

    A caring nurse will visit you at home to determine if your loved ones are eligible to receive home care, as well as how many weekly hours of care they should receive to ensure their overall wellness.

  • Receive Loving Care

    They will get continuous care from a licensed, reliable, and compassionate caregiver, so you and the other members of your family can sleep at night, knowing your loved ones get the support they need.


  • Initial Consultation

    Our care team will assess your loved one’s needs and home environment to determine the type of care that’s best for them in order to achieve optimum wellness. This consultation can be conducted at home or in their chosen facility.

  • Selecting a Caregiver

    We will match your loved ones with a caregiver who can meet their preferences and needs. This caregiver can also be a family, qualified member.

  • Customized Plan of Care

    A plan of care is devised to fit the patients’ condition. We make it our goal to help them regain their highest level of relative health and independence.

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