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Smiling sick women enjoying a visit of her caregiver supporting her during chemotherapy

Currently, there are no established facts on why cancer develops on a person but doesn’t on another. Most cancer studies were based on epidemiological research, where a group of people gets tested and observed to identify the patterns of cancer incidence.

The most accepted cause for cancer is the exposure to certain substances. Scientists noted that those who develop cancer behave in such ways different than those who don’t. Substantial evidence also proved the genetic factors of this disease.

Regardless of how cancer was formed, Guardian Home Care dedicates itself to making the lives of cancer patients as comfortable as possible. We understand the consequences this disease causes to someone. Thus, we have trained our caregivers to adapt to the varying personalities of our clients. We will help you win the battle of by offering you our consoling hands. With every touch of care, we’ll make sure you uphold your will and eagerness to live.

Our cancer recovery services include:

Assistance in your activities of daily living

We can help you complete your everyday tasks, such as bathing, dressing, laundry, grooming, and others. We also strive to maintain your personal hygiene for your overall well-being.

Meal preparation

We have studied the right nutritional needs for cancer patients, including a balanced diet, and some food restrictions.

Physical activities

For cancer patients, an active lifestyle helps boost their mood and reduce the risk of depression. Regular exercise also addresses physical issues, such as diarrhea, pain, and exhaustion.


Our caregivers can comfort your emotional stress by keeping you company. Having a professional companion also monitors your lifestyle to improve your quality of life.

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