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Supporting Seniors in Their Hygiene Needs


Proper hygiene is fundamental in maintaining senior health, especially in their self-esteem and mood. However, it may decline as seniors age due to forgetfulness or mobility issues. To help seniors maintain proper hygiene, here is a checklist you can follow.

  • Establish a routine.

    The routine can start in the morning with bathing, followed by hair and oral care. A caregiver delivering in-home care can help in establishing an essential hygiene routine. They will assist seniors with their daily needs and ensure they start their day fresh, clean, and healthy!

  • Prioritize their safety,

    When providing home care in Bucks County, caregivers can ensure your loved one’s safety, especially if they struggle with strength and balance issues. Remember that the wet floor, insufficient grab for support, and low toilet seats in the bathroom could all lead to accidents. Caregivers can reduce the risk of falls, allowing seniors to stay safe as they start their hygiene routine.

  • Protect their modesty.

    For seniors receiving home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, especially hygiene care, it can be degrading to let others wash and bathe them. But, they can allow seniors to take control of the process and avoid making them feel degraded. Allowing seniors to participate in the hygiene routine is essential to ensure their privacy.

As a home care agency in Pennsylvania, Guardian Home Care provides quality and compassionate assistance to individuals afflicted with severe, chronic, or age-related illnesses, disabilities, or injuries. Our personal care services cover personal hygiene, feeding, incontinence care, and many more. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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