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We provide personal care services that promote the well-being of the senior while preserving their independence and dignity.
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At Guardian Home Care, we provide quality and compassionate assistance to individuals who are afflicted with severe, chronic, or age-related illnesses, disabilities, or injuries. Our guardians will see to it that your loved ones receive care that enhances their overall well-being. They will implement the customized plan of care and maximize the recommendations and prescriptions provided by the other members of the care team to ensure optimal wellness and safety.

We understand that other personal care tasks require trust on the part of the patient, especially with intimate tasks such as bathing, ambulation, and dressing. However, you can guarantee that our caregivers will support you in such tasks with the utmost respect to your dignity and independence. Furthermore, for meal preparations, our team will adhere to the diet plan provided by your loved one’s primary care physician to make certain they get the needed nutrient that they need to optimize or maintain their health.

Our personal care services include but are not limited to:

  • Personal Hygiene

    Such intimate activities, such as bathing, grooming, and dressing, require the assistance of a caregiver that you fully trust. Before we assist you with such tasks, we make sure to discuss with you the limits of our support and what you are comfortable with, at the same time, ensuring your overall safety.

  • Feeding

    When a condition or disability leaves you unable to feed yourself, our caregivers are ready to assist you. Nutrition is highly important when it comes to keeping you healthy. Thus, let our caregivers assist you with this task so that you can get the nutrients you need and avoid skipping meals.

  • Ambulation and Exercise

    Should you be struggling with moving from one place to another or conducting your prescribed exercise routine, let our caregivers assist you. You should remain safe in the comfort of your home and get much-needed mobility support so that no unwanted incidences occur.

  • Incontinence Care

    If you’re struggling with incontinence due to a severe condition, our caregivers re around to help. Whether you need round the clock or overnight assistance with your incontinence problems, rest assured, they will always be around to aid you.

  • Monitoring Vital Signs and Medication Reminders

    Part of our non-medical care service is ensuring to monitor your health, through blood pressure checks, monitoring your temperature, and the likes, as well as make sure you adhere to your medications on time.

For more information about the personal care services we offer, don’t hesitate to reach us via phone 215-444-7544 or send us a message.