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Ways to Make Your Home More Conducive to Recovery


Aside from making sure that your loved one’s care remains accessible, that is, you can easily access community resources or get them to the ER when the need arises, you would also need to make sure that the quality of the place they are staying in is conducive to their health, safety, and recovery.

So, how do we make sure of this? As a home care agency in Pennsylvania providing adult and senior care to the community, we’re sharing some of the tried and tested ways you can help make your home the perfect environment for your loved one to recover.

  • Fall-proof your home
    Install grab and handle bars and non-slip mats to increase safety.
  • Pick up clutter immediately
    Don’t let wires, papers, other materials pile up. Return things where they are supposed to be. This will be especially handy when you need to make space for medical equipment and mobility aids.
  • Make sure labels are easily readable on all ingredients
    Ensure labels are legible and instructions are clear to avoid accidents and other unfortunate events. This includes everything from their medication to hazardous materials around the house, such as cleaning agents.
  • Check ventilation
    Make sure that there is enough ventilation to avoid compromising the air quality and better regulate temperature around the house.
  • Enlist the services of a provider
    Our in-home care services at Guardian Home Care can ensure that the best possible living arrangement for your loved one. They can also monitor your loved one’s condition and gauge whether another level or a more intensive form of care is necessary.

We hope this list helped! Need home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Don’t hesitate to enlist our services today!

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